Drain unblocking for all blocked drains in the Brisbane area.

Drain unblocking for all blocked drains in the Brisbane area.

Have a blocked drain in Brisbane? Want a quick, reliable and high quality service? Look no further…..

Blocked Drains Brisbane is operated by a fully licensed plumber who is able to attend to all aspects of drainage problems including the clearing and repair of all internal and external drains, serving domestic and commercial properties. Whether you have a blocked kitchen sink or a blocked sewer – I will react quickly and get you up and running again with minimal fuss and mess. Blocked Drains Brisbane pride themselves on being able to unblock any kind of drain in the Brisbane metro area on time and at a great price point.

Our Best Services

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    Drain Cleaning

    Blocked Drains Brisbane have the best equipment for clearing all your drainage blockages and other plumbing related issues that may result in an annoyance or inconvenience to your life. Tree roots can be a common cause of blockages. My high quality and extremely tough machines can clear the most difficult blockages and bring the balance back into your life.

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    Drain Camera Inspection

    Plumbing technology has come a very long way over the last few years and I’m taking full advantage! I am now able to pinpoint the exact location of the blockages to make sure that I don’t waste time or money playing guessing games!

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    Drain Repairs

    I also specialise in drain repairs. When tree roots are involved, it can be worth digging up the problem and fixing it once and for all!


About us

Blocked Drains? No problem! I am the expert in dealing with Brisbane’s blocked drainage systems!

I am a fully licensed and insured plumber who is able to attend to all aspects of drainage problems including the clearing and repair of all internal and external drains, serving domestic and commercial properties.

Whether you have a blocked kitchen sink or a blocked sewer – I will react quickly and get you up and running again with minimal fuss, mess and hassles.

Blocked Drains Brisbane drainage services:

The cameras I use are Hi Tech drain CCTV cameras that inspect the blockages that are present in your blocked drain Brisbane. I record my findings on DVD for viewing and your own records.

I will be transparent and honest with the time and pricing estimates.

I will give you advice on how to keep your drainage system clean and free from blockages after I have left.

I cover all areas in Brisbane.

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    Blocked Drains Brisbane

    Blocked Drains Brisbane are drain, blocked drain, blocked toilet, drain cleaner specialists. Did I mention that I specialise in drains, and more drains?

    I specialise in clearing and cleaning all types of blocked drains all over the Brisbane area, whether they are outdoor, or indoor. These include sewage drains, storm drains, blocked toilet drains, and blocked sink drains and basically everything else drain cleaning, if you have a drain, I can clean it.

    I use electric drain cable cleaning equipment, providing you with a transparent, honest and reliable price service.


    Blocked Toilet Drains Brisbane

    The blocked toilet locked toilet is right at the very top of the list of the absolute worst plumbing problems that you can face. The last thing you want to be staring at is flushing a blocked toilet only to see the contents rise to the top of the bowl. But if you find yourself in this situation, ring Blocked Drains Brisbane before the drop reaches the top! I am an extensively trained, licensed plumber that has the know how, skills and tools to be able to clear that blocked toilet clog and put your mind and nose at ease. Blocked Drains Brisbane are trained to avoid disasters.

    A blocked toilet can be the result of many things, like baby wipes, tree roots, flushing random objects down the toilet, sanitary napkins and just about everything in between. Never ever flush solid objects down the toilet to avoid getting a classic Brisbane Blocked Drain. However if what you flush comes back to haunt you, call Blocked Drains Brisbane and I will sort out your situation.


    Blocked Basins and Shower Drains Brisbane

    Soap, toothpaste, hair (especially from shaving) and other bathroom waste can, if you’re not careful, quickly build up over time to obstruct drains in the bathroom. This can be very unpleasant, as it making it impossible to do all those essential human things like washing, shaving and the like. Blocked Drains Brisbane specialists, your local blocked drain expert, has the expertise and equipment to tackle even the most stubborn bathroom blocked drain, so you can rest assured I’ll get your drains cleared in no time at all so you can get your routine back on track.

    No matter what’s causing your blocked basin, blocked shower or blocked bath, or even blocked toilet I’ll be able to clear it no sweat. Blocked Drains Brisbane are trained in every aspect of blocked drain clearing, including the removal of clogs from the bathroom, so you’ll get only the best results possible when you contact us.

    A very common blocked drain symptom can be an over flowing toilet or a blocked toilet in Brisbane. This can be a real problem and make your bathroom unusable if the water won’t flush down the toilet. You will require the services of a fully qualified Blocked Drains Brisbane plumber to get the job done efficiently and effectively the first time. Using a drain cleaner which will clear the main drains, I offer a same day service. No need to wonder how to unblock drains when you can call a fully licensed Blocked Drains Brisbane plumber.

    I am a fully licensed, reliable and experienced plumber that knows your drainage, pipe, and plumbing issues inside out. If you are in Brisbane, you can trust that I have the expertise to help you and solve your problems.

    The biggest plumbing problem in Brisbane is usually a result of a blocked drain. People often wonder how to unblock a drain. These pipes will need cleaning or servicing by a professional drain cleaner who uses specialist drain equipment such as a high-pressure drain cleaner or drain cleaning machine. After a drain camera inspection of your pipes has been carried out I will recommend the best way your drain or sewage line can be cleared.


    Blocked Kitchen Drains Brisbane

    There’s nothing more frustrating than washing something out or doing the dishes, then standing there and watching as the water stubbornly doesn’t move. There are a number of things that could be causing your kitchen blocked drain to block, like oils, grease, soap, food scraps and other debris, all of which can eventually create a blockage in your sink drain.

    At Blocked Drains Brisbane the drain cleaning specialists, I’ll be able to take care of all of your kitchen drain woes; I am a fully qualified, licensed plumber that has the training to clear out those nasty blockages.


    How To Prevent Blocked Drains Brisbane

    Immediately repair leaky taps – this will prevent further damage to other fixtures and fittings.

    Don’t use your toilet as a trash can. Flushing solid waste items [nappies, facial tissues etc] down the toilet is a fast route to causing a blocked drain Brisbane. Keep a waste bin in the bathroom and use that instead.

    Run hot water down the drains on a regular basis, at least weekly – this will help prevent drain blockages and keep the drains free flowing.

    Fit strainers to the plugholes in sinks, baths and showers. This will prevent most debris from entering the drain, such as matted hair or broken soap. Make sure you empty out the strainers when they are full.

    To remove scale build up from a shower head fill a plastic bag with vinegar and tie it around the showerhead – this will dissolve the mineral deposit.

    The biggest piece of advice I can give, is that if you suspect a drains problem, ACT NOW. You can save yourself a lot of unsavory aggravation and expense by catching a drains problem early and dealing with it before it becomes more serious. For help and advice with your drains problems.




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